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Seritus’ Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is a web-based application that provides the ability for your sales staff to track prospects whether it is for a potential client and / or deal. This provides an effective way for your organization to communicate with each customer and / or prospect to ensure it progresses as planned. This in turn provides very effective pipeline management for sales people and management alike.

Improve Sales – Effective communication with your customer is critical to the success of a given deal and / or managing those effective relationships required to grow your business. With CRM, the information is accessible from anywhere in the world. This allows each sales person to stay connected with their respective customer, while staying connected to the operation.

Improve Service - Linking CRM with CoS, keeps all deals being processed within the operation up-to-date within the CRM. Effective tracking and customer communication while deals are processing through your operation increases the likelihood for repeat business.

When evaluating Customer Relationship Management Systems, you should look for CRM Applications that have workflow tools and business rules to ensure they can adapt to your specific requirements. Our CRM Solution leverages such technology to manage you individual deals and / or programs driving those deals through completion. Our CRM Software also integrates with pricing tools and / or rate cards to generate real time quotes that can be emailed and / or printed remotely. Our CRM Application seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Office for additional calendaring type activities. We support small business CRM requirements as well as large scale complex requirements via our installed or hosted solution offerings.