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About Seritus Solutions

Seritus Solutions was founded by partners who have a combined 57 years of financial technology solution experience. Our passion and mission is to provide our customers with innovative, reliable and affordable solutions that service their credit origination needs within the financial marketplace. By working at leasing and financing companies as well as for other leading software solution providers, we have gained invaluable insight into the requirements of today's market.

Introducing our partners:

Charles Lyles brings 28 years of experience with an extensive executive background to the organization. Serving as President, Chief Operating Officer, and Chief Information Officer at International Decision Systems and as Sr. Vice President and Chief Information Officer at Sanwa Business Credit Corporation, Charles provides strong leadership and industry experience to this team. Charles was also the visionary behind numerous technological solutions and product launches at Sanwa and IDS during his tenure.

Steve Shallman brings 13 years of software development experience to the organization. During that time, he architected a robust integration interface. This interface allowed International Decision Systems’ credit origination system to be configured dynamically to communicate with any external system. Steve’s experience along with technological advancements has allowed Seritus Credit Orgination System (CoS) to be built as an open system that easily facilitates intergration with other systems.

Wade Sharp brings 16 years of experience with an extensive background in software development and leadership positions. Wade was the Development Manager for three different product lines and Director-Global Product Development at International Decision Systems. Wade's experiences allow Seritus Solutions to refine the software delivery process and provide robust, cost-effective solutions for its customers.

Our combined professional experiences of developing and successfully launching leading credit origination systems led us to conclude that there was a need for an innovative and cost-effective solution in today's marketplace. Seritus-CoS was developed to fill this need. We are proud to announce the release of Seritus - Credit Origination System (CoS).

Seritus Solutions is committed to providing sound solutions and superior service so our customers can focus on growing their business and streamlining their internal business processes. Our commitment is to our partners. We look forward to becoming yours.